Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sex, then Children, then Possible Drama.

     Sex.  Wait until you are married is the usual speech given to kids from their parents.  Sex is a private, personal, and spiritual experience that is taken advantage of way too often.  I should know since my two kids are out of wedlock.  However, sex happens and it happens A LOT.  Not too many people care about purity rings or chastity belts.  Those things are now considered relics.  So now we have broken homes, broken families, the struggling single parent, aborted children, and orphaned children. Family court is crowded from the door to around the corner.  Men are imprisoned for not paying child support.  Mothers and fathers are losing custody of their children because of various reasons like being unfit or simply because the parents no longer are together, no longer getting along, never got along, and the children are suffering and receiving the battle wounds.

     So what do we do as parents when we are stuck in a very difficult situation? Whether we are single parents or newly divorced, we have children that need a stable home life.  Have you felt: "I can't stand my son's father/mother." "It's poisonous for me and my children to stay in this environment of a dysfunctional relationship." "I've outgrown him/her." "I'm done." Are you going through a custody battle or preparing for one? What about a family member or friend? Whomever it is should consider "Child Custody Strategies" handbook.  There is a version for each parent.  This would be helpful to anyone in a custody battle, especially if you cannot afford a lawyer.  Spend a little money on this handbook and READ.  Help yourself, help your child(ren), help your family.  It's worth it.  Click here if you want more info.  If you find the book helpful for your situation comment to this post. 


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