Friday, October 14, 2011

Party! Party! Party!

     Let's party! The holiday season is around the corner.  Plastic spiders, pumpkins, costumes, and bite sized candies are being stashed to prepare for Halloween.  Not only that but extensive grocery lists are being made, festive dining ware is being purchased, lay-awayed, or window shopped in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Over-time work loads are being chosen in order to afford the extravagant requests on the Christmas lists of loved ones.  Money! Money! Money! Pockets, wallets, and bank accounts are lessening more this season than they have been earlier in the year. Are you prepared? I'm not, but I'm trying.  I've come across a couple of things that I believe will better prepare me.  So listen and take advantage.

     An ebook called "Saving Money through Power Shopping" shows how you can buy over $100 of groceries but only spend about $30, without having to settle for the generic brands.  It gives you a lot of helpful information that is very much needed to help us save more money.  This is great for those people with big families or high grocery bills.  It comes at a good time since the Holiday season comes with big appetites and big spending. The book is only $7.  Look into it. 

     You know what? When my family gets together we like to play games.  If you are the same way then check this out too.  There is a package of Christmas games and a little bit of extra stuff for $7.  We can't go wrong with any of these items.  When the holidays are over let me know how you and your family enjoyed the games and the food! Share with me your huge savings experience learned from the "Saving Money through Power Shopping" ebook as well.  I'm interested to see how it has helped you.

Click on "Saving Money through Power Shopping" and Christmas games.


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