Friday, October 14, 2011

Party! Party! Party!

     Let's party! The holiday season is around the corner.  Plastic spiders, pumpkins, costumes, and bite sized candies are being stashed to prepare for Halloween.  Not only that but extensive grocery lists are being made, festive dining ware is being purchased, lay-awayed, or window shopped in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Over-time work loads are being chosen in order to afford the extravagant requests on the Christmas lists of loved ones.  Money! Money! Money! Pockets, wallets, and bank accounts are lessening more this season than they have been earlier in the year. Are you prepared? I'm not, but I'm trying.  I've come across a couple of things that I believe will better prepare me.  So listen and take advantage.

     An ebook called "Saving Money through Power Shopping" shows how you can buy over $100 of groceries but only spend about $30, without having to settle for the generic brands.  It gives you a lot of helpful information that is very much needed to help us save more money.  This is great for those people with big families or high grocery bills.  It comes at a good time since the Holiday season comes with big appetites and big spending. The book is only $7.  Look into it. 

     You know what? When my family gets together we like to play games.  If you are the same way then check this out too.  There is a package of Christmas games and a little bit of extra stuff for $7.  We can't go wrong with any of these items.  When the holidays are over let me know how you and your family enjoyed the games and the food! Share with me your huge savings experience learned from the "Saving Money through Power Shopping" ebook as well.  I'm interested to see how it has helped you.

Click on "Saving Money through Power Shopping" and Christmas games.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time to Self

     As I get older I begin to appreciate me time.  I've come to realize how important me time is ever since I had children.  Before my children came into the picture, I had a need to live the social scene in the place of me time.  Of course there is nothing wrong with having a bountiful sociall ife.  However, what about chilling out and relaxing with just self.  Sitting back and becoming more enlightened by the many beautiful creations God has provided Earth.  Looking around and seeing through the trash and pollution of the cities, and instead seeing the beatiful murals, or the animals, or the flowers and grass.  Tuning out the screams and yells, or the profanity and fights, or the loud trucks, buses, or planes; to just seek the sounds of laughter, the smells of cooking foods or clean laundry, the sights of hand holding, and smiles, and innocent playfulness.  There is so much more to life than the negative news reports, or the ignorant co-worker, or the rude bus driver, or the addict family member, or the back-stabbing friend, or the "testing my patience" significant other.  Too often people say "life is too short".  Too often we procrastinate truly living.  We have too many unimportant things wasting space in our mind.  We need to reprioritize our lives and give time to self.  Meditate on life and the fact that we have it. 

     Many people are clueless on how to just be still.  Don't move.  They are easily distracted.  Just close your eyes and exhale.  You think you don't have the time when you really do.  I am one of those people who when I know I have a list of things to do, I like to get them out of the way within 24 hrs, especially since in the next 24 hrs I will have another list.  Give yourself a couple of minutes a day to meditate.  This will not interfere with daily chores.  Just place meditation on your to do lists and it will become habitual.   There is a book called "The Ultimate Meditation Guide".  You will learn the benefits to meditation, which type of meditation works for you, how to refocus your attitude, and so much more.  You need this.  So click on the book title, "The Ultimate Meditation Guide", to learn more. It's check-out time for those free loading Negative Perceptions, her cousin Stress, and his nephew Busy.  They've over-stayed their welcome.  So have time to self and make room for meditation.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sex, then Children, then Possible Drama.

     Sex.  Wait until you are married is the usual speech given to kids from their parents.  Sex is a private, personal, and spiritual experience that is taken advantage of way too often.  I should know since my two kids are out of wedlock.  However, sex happens and it happens A LOT.  Not too many people care about purity rings or chastity belts.  Those things are now considered relics.  So now we have broken homes, broken families, the struggling single parent, aborted children, and orphaned children. Family court is crowded from the door to around the corner.  Men are imprisoned for not paying child support.  Mothers and fathers are losing custody of their children because of various reasons like being unfit or simply because the parents no longer are together, no longer getting along, never got along, and the children are suffering and receiving the battle wounds.

     So what do we do as parents when we are stuck in a very difficult situation? Whether we are single parents or newly divorced, we have children that need a stable home life.  Have you felt: "I can't stand my son's father/mother." "It's poisonous for me and my children to stay in this environment of a dysfunctional relationship." "I've outgrown him/her." "I'm done." Are you going through a custody battle or preparing for one? What about a family member or friend? Whomever it is should consider "Child Custody Strategies" handbook.  There is a version for each parent.  This would be helpful to anyone in a custody battle, especially if you cannot afford a lawyer.  Spend a little money on this handbook and READ.  Help yourself, help your child(ren), help your family.  It's worth it.  Click here if you want more info.  If you find the book helpful for your situation comment to this post. 


Monday, October 10, 2011


I graduated college in 2008 with little to no grants or scholarships throughout my entire college career.  Do I regret it? I'm not one who regrets much, but should I have been more determined to seek out and apply to grants and scholarships? Yes, indeed! There are relatives I know who are struggling to build that educational foundation needed to succeed in this financial turmoiled world.  There are those who know what degree they want and others who just know that they want a degree.  However, so many are discouraged because of the cost of tuition.  Good thing is that there is a book with hundreds of grant and scholarship resources.  Click on grants and scholarships and check it out.  Take it from a college graduated that this is truly worth it.  You will be better off in the long run if you take advantage of all the resources that are out there.

Them Terrible Twos!

     So my son is 18mos, almost 19mos, and his behavior is just........ hmm... challenging.  I've always been curious to when is the right time to give spankings or punishments to your kids.  Is 12mos too soon? Is 14mos too soon? Is 18mos too soon? I hope not.  Now, I don't spank my son but he does receive at least 3 pops on his hand, arm, or leg when he is really just out of control.  I've been telling my closest friends, my parents, and his paternal grandmother how he has been behaving lately.  His grandparents say to me that "it is those terrible twos".  Okay? So what am I to do? Pop his hand everytime he refuses to listen? The response is "yes".  When he touches something that he knows he is not to touch, pop his hand and tell him why.  When he falls out because he didn't get his way, pop his legs and tell him why.  When he pulls away from you when you are telling him to "come here" pop his arm and tell him why.  Okay, but this does not always work.  I need more help, better enforcement.

     There is a book entitled "Talking to Toddlers: Dealing with the Terrible Twos and Beyond".  It is an audio and e-book combo.  I am very much excited about this book.  Besides prayer and advise from loved ones I need a little extra to get me threw these challenging times.  So if you are like me then click on the title of the book to gain some tips and learn more about the book.